Extended Source-to-Pay for the Digital Age

CPO’s and their teams are responsible for managing spend while ensuring cost containment and compliance to contracts. Due to the ongoing globalization and digitalization purchasing organizations have to make the right decisions regarding leveraging technology. Complete visibility of spend, realised savings and cash flows trough the extended source-to-pay process is crucial condition. Meanwhile, also within B2B solutions the demand for social, collaborative and analytic features rises strongly.

Through the use of an efficient procurement platform the purchasing of indirect goods and services becomes extremely easy for the rest of the organization and direct purchases flow with 24/7 monitoring in our extensive communications network.

In addition to extended source-to-pay software, we offer supply chain financing which allows purchasing to extend payment terms while simultaneously offering immediate payments for suppliers. This reduces supplier risk by allowing suppliers to have fast access to cash while meeting the business objectives of extending payment terms. Alternatively with our tools and expertise you can utilize early payment opportunities to reduce the purchasing cost.

With OpusCapita you get clear visibility to company spend which helps you implement total cost monitoring and supplier performance tracking as well as ensuring contract compliance.