Business User

A user experience worth having

Software has come a long way in the last 10 years.  Think of how simple it is to purchase on Ebay, Amazon or to use an iPhone. OpusCapita has put a lot of effort in developing the user interfaces which make it extremely easy to use for business users. We understand that when ordering a new product using the purchasing system or accepting an invoice it needs to be easy – as easy as many of the modern consumer web tools are.

At the same time OpusCapita puts a lot of effort into ensuring that our products are developed to the highest standards and have 24/7 availability for our customers. We understand e.g. that if invoices are not accepted in time it can lead not only to paying penalties and interest but also can lead to disruptions in deliveries.

When a supplier calls about the invoice status it’s easy to see in our system if it has been accepted or even paid – not only sent to the ERP for payment preparation. When purchasing production items we also make sure that all order transactions are delivered rapidly without interruptions in the service to the suppliers.

With OpusCapita financing solutions the suppliers can choose to get paid early with the Supply Chain Financing services reducing the risk of having smaller suppliers which are solely dependent on you as buyer.