Take end-to-end control of your cash flow

From billing to payment – everything under one roof

Imagine having the whole process from creating the invoice, sending it via the end customer’s preferred channel and making sure it’s paid, all under one roof. OpusCapita can help you with this.

Here’s how:

  • You send us a file with payment information (that’s all you need to do)

The OpusCapita order-to-cash process takes care of:

You minimize the number of suppliers and get help choosing the communication channels that suit your customers best today and tomorrow. You always have full insight into and control over the payment process and any collection service. At the same time, this frees up resources for your core business.

Control over your cash flow

We keep track of all your customers, their transactions and any reminders. As our customer, you get to monitor the entire process via a web portal where there is always updated information about accounts receivable and upcoming payments. Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how things work and how to enjoy greater efficiency and control over your cash flow. 

Communication and upselling through your invoices

An invoice is an obvious communication channel. Not only should an invoice explain in simple terms what a customer must pay and how, but it should also include an added value for both you and the customer.

News updates, offers or information about the company that are useful to the paying customer. OpusCapita helps you with invoice communication that you and the customer both draw benefit from.

Read more about Connect 

See three minute demo of Connect

OpusCapita’s new collection service is based on sound experience

In 2015, the company Kredithanterarna was rebranded as OpusCapita. Today, we provide a collection service that makes sure you get paid and that your collection customers are satisfied. Our collection service is based on modern software and unique customer services that maintain customer relationships. The debt collection service is available in three countries. Read more about the collection service here:

OpusCapita believes that all collection customers should be treated as unique individuals. See the video below: