Aug 28 , 2018

3 Trends That Are Driving Procurement Transformation

by Digitalization, Procurement, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

The 2018 ProcureCon Benchmarking Report gives insight into the collective mind of the Chief Procurement Officer. This blog highlights 3 trends we think you should be aware of.
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Aug 21 , 2018

Mission Impossible: Can You Achieve Total Spend Visibility and Control?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Is it possible to achieve 100% of spend under management? Or even hit close to this ultimate procurement goal? Yes, it is, but it doesn’t come easy.
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Jul 17 , 2018

Who Knew MRO Was So Complicated?

by Procurement, Trends and Technology, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

On top of the everyday complexities of MRO, those in the industry need to tackle disruptions affecting supply chains and increasing risks. What keeps MRO Managers up at night?
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May 28 , 2018

Why Does Amazon-Like User Experience and Guided Buying Matter in e-Procurement?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

If your organization’s employees aren’t happy with the usability of the e-procurement system, it is hard to reach procurement targets. Here’s what guided buying means in practice.
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Apr 13 , 2018

Supplier Performance Management: Why Should You Care?

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

Why should corporations turn their focus to their suppliers? In short, effective supplier performance management will reduce various risks and save money.
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Mar 09 , 2018

Is It Time to Retire the Invoice?

by Digitalization, Post-Invoice Economy, Source-to-Pay

We are already in mid-March, and 2018 is seemingly just another year. Or is it? Last year we saw we were arriving in the post-invoice economy. Is the invoice ready to be retired?
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Feb 19 , 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Quality Catalog Content in e-Procurement

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, eProcurement

You should not underestimate the importance of the quality of your catalog content to your procurement efficiency. Here are 3 KPIs across your organization that are affected.
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Sep 13 , 2017

Are you ready for the Post-Invoice Economy and the future of Source-to-Pay?

by Post-Invoice Economy, Procurement

In the post-invoice economy, source-to-pay and cash management will become key value drivers for an organization. A new way of thinking is needed to stay competitive.
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Sep 04 , 2017

How CPOs see the future? Highlights from the ProcureCon Report

by Digitalization, Procurement, Trends and Technology

100 procurement leaders shared their views on the future of procurement in the ProcureCon survey. Here’s why you should be interested in their answers.
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Jun 01 , 2017

The State of eProcurement in 2017

by Procurement, eProcurement

In the following blog post I’ll try to summarize my thinking on the recent report produced by SSON and OpusCapita titled Indirect Procurement: 2017 Market Report.
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May 05 , 2017

Hands-free Procurement

by Digitalization, Procurement, Trends and Technology, eProcurement

Web-based procurement (or eProcurement) was originally seen first and foremost as a better way to order catalog products than with older desktop-based procurement systems.
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Apr 19 , 2017

Smarter Procurement in MRO

by Procurement, eProcurement

MRO management is a balancing act that demands a modern procurement platform with workflow automation. It’s about allocating and managing resources as efficiently as possible.
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Mar 29 , 2017

Modern procurement systems bring simplicity to complex business environments

by Procurement, eProcurement

When operations are demanding and time is of the essence, an effective procurement process should bring simplicity and peace of mind.
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Mar 21 , 2017

B2B Procurement: Shopping that won’t exhaust you

by Procurement, eProcurement

I bet all of you have either been or seen that guy in a department store, sitting on the courtesy couch (love that couch!) near the changing rooms waiting for his wife.
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Feb 24 , 2017

Six good reasons to invest in electronic procurement right now

by Digitalization, Procurement, eProcurement

Digital transformation is the talk of the town, or should we say industry. In this blog, we'll share convincing arguments for pushing digitalization in procurement.
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Dec 08 , 2016

e-Invoicing is no Longer Enough!

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending

After reading the Bruno Koch's report on e-invoicing, I’m a little disappointed. Not with the report, but with the incremental (some might say sluggish) growth of e-invoicing.
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