BLOG 2015

Nov 17 , 2015

Wake up, Europe!

by Digitalization, Point-of-view

“Digitalization is a huge opportunity and is actually the only opportunity for Europe," says Esko Aho, former prime minister of Finland.
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Oct 13 , 2015

Technologists and economists have to come together

by Digitalization, Point-of-view

Sweden’s former prime minister Anders Borg, shares his views on globalization and the situation where the ideas from science fiction are becoming business reality.
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Sep 11 , 2015

Why do we at OpusCapita love working with standards?

by Trends and Technology, Cash Management, Global Bank Connectivity

For many of us standardization is not that much of a topic in everyday life. Until you start thinking of the benefits of standardization.
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Sep 08 , 2015

Security is your best business ally

by Point-of-view

The expansion of the digital world into all areas of life makes security critical. Security will be a significant competitive advantage, says Jarno Limnéll, an expert in the area.
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Sep 01 , 2015

Management by Moving Around

by Point-of-view

NCC is one of the leading construction and development companies in northern Europe, with a turnover of more than six billion euro and 18 500 employees.
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Aug 09 , 2015

SATO is building a seamless purchase-to-pay chain

by Procurement, Source-to-Pay, Accounts Payable Automation

The housing investment company SATO Corporation has a clear goal: a predictable, transparent process from purchase to payment.
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Aug 05 , 2015

Less pressure, more capital

by Point-of-view, Working Capital Optimization

With historic low interest rates, is it worthwhile to bear the expense of making working capital available? Desirée Backhaus sheds light on the situation.
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Jul 01 , 2015

Greetings from a customer experience guru: Go below the surface

by Point-of-view

A good user experience, in itself, is a new brand value creating a new type of customer loyalty. But nice and pretty alone won't cut it.
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Jun 17 , 2015

Lengthening payment terms challenge Nordic companies

by Working Capital Optimization, Payments and Financing

The global trend of lengthening payment terms between companies is increasingly affecting the financial situation and operating capabilities of Nordic companies.
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May 29 , 2015

Europe, it’s time to benefit from digitalization!

by Digitalization, Point-of-view

Robotics and artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data. The phenomena of digitalization are currently revolutionizing the nature of work across industries.
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Mar 15 , 2015

Global Billentis report on e-invoicing: Electronic invoicing is ready to catapult to the next level

by e-Invoicing, Digitalization, e-Invoice receiving, e-Invoice sending

In 2015, of the 500 billion invoices being issued globally, over 42 billion will be exchanged electronically, estimates the annual market research report.
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